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There’s a new team in New Zealand Government Procurement

New Zealand Government Procurement have recently established a new advisory team focused on construction. The Construction Procurement Advisory team supports the work of the Construction Accord to transform the industry, with a specific focus on using government projects to help move the industry in the right direction.

The team provides support and advice to government construction and infrastructure projects, helping them to follow good practice and adopt the Accord’s principles.

What is the Construction Sector Accord and what is it trying to achieve?

The Construction Sector Accord is a joint commitment between government and the construction industry, to transform the construction sector for a better New Zealand. Established in April 2019, the Accord is a platform for industry and government to work together to address some of the key challenges facing the sector, such as skills and labour shortages, unclear and arduous regulations, a lack of leadership, an uncertain pipeline of work and a culture of inappropriate risk transfer. The Accord’s transformation plan sets out to address these challenges, mapping out the workstreams and activities required to transform the construction sector, and achieve the goals of increasing productivity, capability, resilience and confidence across the sector.

Construction sector accord

Construction sector transformation plan [PDF, 4.62 MB] - Construction sector accord

Who is the Construction Procurement Advisory team?

The Construction Procurement Advisory team comprises procurement and construction leaders, who between them have a wealth of industry experience working in some of the most challenging construction projects in New Zealand. With backgrounds in quantity surveying, project management, property and procurement and programme management, the Construction Procurement Advisory team will provide:

  • Advice on project approach, structure, forms of contracts, project considerations and challenges, and delivery models
  • Facilitation and support for problem solving and value engineering activities
  • Support related to aligning to the Construction Sector Accord, and the adoption of best practices tools and guidance.

Projects that require more ‘on-the-ground’ support can then seek support from the commercial pool, which provides expert commercial resources under a cost-recovery model.

The Construction Procurement Advisory team also support the delivery of the activities set out in the procurement and risk workstream of the transformation plan, including developing and promoting good construction procurement practice, supporting the review of key industry standard contracts e.g. 3910, drafting good practice guides for sustainability procurement in construction, and supporting the establishment of an independent and publicly available panel of experts who are suitably qualified to fulfil the Engineer to the contract role.

Want to get in touch?

The Construction Procurement Advisory team can be contacted directly by email. If you’d like to hear more about the team and the role they play in supporting agencies, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Email the Construction Advisory team

Webinar - Introduction to Construction Procurement Advisory team

The team is keen to share more about how they can help you with your construction procurement and project needs, and so we are gauging whether you would be interested in attending a webinar that will provide an overview of the work of the Construction Accord, an introduction to the team, as well as more detail on how the team can support government construction projects.

The proposed details for the webinar are below:

Time: 2:00pm

Date: 26 November 2020

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