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Positioning procurement for the future

A virtual meeting of over 250 government agency staff discussed the opportunity to shape the culture of government procurement to one that delivers outcomes that benefit New Zealanders.

The webinar hosted by New Zealand Government Procurement on 30 November provided an opportunity for people who work across the procurement ‘system’ to discuss what government procurement could look like in the future. One of the emerging themes and wero (challenges) was that the time is now for agencies to think about what they currently do and what changes they can make to ensure they are well positioned to support their agencies and the system as we look ahead.

Each year government procurement is a vehicle for transforming $51 billion dollars of public money into valuable outcomes. That’s around $100,000 every minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s a lot of money and with that spend comes a huge opportunity to achieve great outcomes for New Zealand and impact our country in a positive and meaningful way.

New Zealand Government Procurement is currently developing a 24-month programme that will be shared in more detail in the first quarter of next year.

Some of the themes that will be part of the work programme are:

  • sector leadership
  • greater collaboration across agencies, beyond setting up collaborative contracts
  • reliable data that can be used to inform our activities, including showing what has been achieved and identifying gaps
  • being more effective and efficient by leveraging technology
  • working more closely with suppliers and markets to strengthen relationships and achieve public value
  • giving effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and incorporate Te Ao Māori learnings
  • capability development that takes the professional into the future.

The MC for the webinar was Seán Barnes, Director, Social Procurement Ākina.

Panel: Laurence Pidcock, GM New Zealand Government Procurement, Mark Richards, Divisional Manager, Commercial Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Sarah Blackie, Managing Director of Esby, and Programme Director, New Zealand Government Procurement.

Watch the webinar on Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s YouTube channel.

Positioning Procurement for the Future webinar