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Procurement Capability Index reporting – how we can support you

The Procurement Capability Index (PCI) self-assessment reporting round is underway for 2020. PCI is an instrument for agencies to measure the maturity of their procurement function, set annual and long-term targets and monitor capability development.

The built-in benchmarking tool allows agency users to compare the previous year targets with current scores. A capability roadmap can be created by aligning the previous year scores, 12 month targets and longer-term aspirational targets.

Check out how Pāmu Farms of New Zealand are using the PCI to assess their procurement function, set priorities and development goals, and raise the profile of the procurement team with internal stakeholders.

Pāmu Farms of New Zealand video (You will need to be logged into Hīkina to access this content)

If you’re involved in preparing your agency’s PCI assessment and would like share and/or learn practical tips on how you can use PCI for monitoring your capability development, email Svetlana Sabitova to express your interest in a virtual get-together.

PCI peer review pilot

We are looking at how to strengthen the PCI to support collaboration between agencies, sharing good practice and people development, while strengthening the overall data quality. As part of our work to strengthen the PCI, we are investigating a peer review model to:

  • Provide an additional level of quality assurance
  • Support a consistent application of evidence and guidance for PCI assessment by agencies
  • Strengthen collaboration between agencies
  • Encourage sharing of innovative and advanced practices and improvement initiatives among agencies
  • Offer opportunities for procurement practitioners to enhance their own capability through reviewing other agency assessments.

If you’re interested in a participating in the peer review pilot email Svetlana Sabitova for more details.