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Office supplies contract update

Part of: All-of-Government Procurement news Contract update Office

There’s been plenty happening in the office supplies space recently and we’ve gathered some of the highlights for you.

Almost 900 agencies have signed up to the All-of-Government (AoG) Office Supplies contract, including 583 schools. We are delighted to see this growth of agencies and schools achieving significant savings through the contract.

Changing suppliers

The Office Supplies team monitors contract service levels of each panel supplier and this is available on our service level dashboard. You can use this tool when reviewing your office supplies requirements. It can help with shortlisting suppliers, who can then provide a quote on your frequently purchased goods.

Visit the service level dashboard on our website. (You will need to login to view this information)

When you choose a preferred supplier for a category, you need to purchase all in-scope products from that preferred supplier. You may notice a cheaper item on occasion from another source, but it’s important to consider the overall value from your total basket of goods.

Supplier updates

Recently, Platinum Equity bought OfficeMax and sold Winc. We have completed due diligence checks on Winc’s change of ownership from Platinum Equity to a New Zealand owned investment company, Tiri Group. Winc’s legal entity name has changed from Winc New Zealand Limited to Net Express NZ Limited. We do not expect this change of ownership to cause any operational changes.

Price changes

The Office Supplies team manages the core catalogue and receives submissions from panel suppliers requesting catalogue changes. Price reductions can occur monthly and any other changes can be requested quarterly. We have seen price increases recently primarily due to wood pulp prices being at a record high.

Before approving or negotiating price increases, we request justification of the increases and check that the proposed price meets the minimum negotiated discounts. We email you the details of any changes and your supplier representative will work with you to minimise any price increases through product substitution.

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the above, please contact office.coe@mbie.govt.nz.