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What’s RealMe?

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New year, new you? Time to sharpen your procurement knowledge!

If your career development goal for 2021 is to grow your knowledge in procurement, the resources on our training and skills development platform Hīkina can help.

We have a range of online learning you can complete and in-person workshops you can register to attend, to help improve your procurement skills.

Online learning

Online learning modules for general procurement include demystifying procurement, debriefing suppliers and early market engagement. You can also find Te Whānau Manaaki suite of modules on contract management and building cultural competency for procurement in the social services section on Hīkina. Te Whānau Manaaki suite of modules is aimed at staff procuring social services but also has relevance to general procurement. 

If you are interested in understanding what broader outcomes are and the concept of public value, we have short online modules on these priority outcomes for Government too. 

All the online modules are self-paced and there is no cost to complete them. There are short quizzes and interactive videos in each module to help reinforce your learning along the way.  

We will also be releasing other content on Hīkina this year that will help you build on your procurement knowledge.

In-person workshops/facilitated wānanga

You can register to attend workshops or wānanga for:

  • Demystifying procurement
  • Contract management
  • Cultural competency

Attend these sessions if you like to learn/refresh your procurement knowledge in an interactive, group setting. Go to Hīkina and click on the relevant workshop to find out if there is an in-person one near you. 

Accessing Hīkina

You need to be a government agency employee and a registered user to access the courses on Hīkina. If you already have a RealMe login, registering is easy!

Hīkina – Learning for Government Procurement and Property