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MBIE procurement professionals represented at annual awards

The fourth annual New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards took place last week in Auckland, and two of MBIE's procurement professionals were finalists – with one receiving a special commendation.

Katherine Littler from the Property and Procurement team received a special commendation in the Procurement Professional of the Year category. Katherine, a Senior Procurement Specialist, is a consistent high performer who’s passionate about using her procurement and commercial skills to deliver outcomes, benefits and value to her stakeholders and the organisations she is working for and with.

It is exciting to see the shift away from focusing solely on delivering value for money to a broader focus on what outcomes can be achieved with our procurement activities to benefit New Zealanders.

Katherine Littler  Senior Procurement Specialist

Another MBIE finalist was Dominika Mitchell, a Legal Advisor in the New Zealand Government Procurement and Property (NZGPP) team. She was nominated for the Young Procurement Professional of the Year award. Dominika began her career in procurement through our graduate programme, before joining the NZGPP legal team in 2015. She has been instrumental in drafting, negotiating and advising on a portfolio of government contracts with an aggregate value of $10 billion, providing quality advice across all aspects of procurement.

Dominika says that the awards were a fantastic celebration of what procurement can achieve and great opportunity to recognise the value that can be delivered for the public through best procurement practice. Her generosity towards others in the procurement sector is reflected by her observations.

We might be centre-led in terms of MBIE giving advice but we are not centre-run. There are models out there that really are exceptional and we are so happy when they are highlighted.

Dominika Mitchell  Legal Advisor

The judging panel for the awards this year included MBIE Chief Executive Carolyn Tremain, who also presented the Young Procurement Professional of the Year award to Frae Cairns of Auckland Council.

Frae has a close connection to NZGPP and BSP staff. The Southern Initiative (TSI) – established in 2012 under the Auckland Plan – is already using procurement strategies to grow their local construction workforce through training programmes attached to large construction and infrastructure projects.