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MBIE appoints new General Managers to lead Government Procurement and Government Property

We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new General Managers to lead Government Procurement and Government Property.

These two leadership roles were established late last year, recognising the Government’s high expectations that both functions will deliver polices and outcomes that will help the public sector, and those we serve.

Laurence Pidcock has been appointed General Manager, Government Procurement and Angela Xygalas has been appointed General Manager, Government Property.

Laurence Pidcock is currently Chief Procurement Officer for Ministry of Education (MoE). Laurence is a career procurement professional, with broad experience in leadership, operations, policy, and consultative procurement roles in both the UK and New Zealand.

Laurence has a passionate belief that New Zealand Government Procurement is at a pivotal position to lead and realise the greater public value government procurement can deliver. His experience at MoE in unifying and creating systems change in an environment with 2,400 schools, and an annual investment of well over $2bn, provides the right sort of foundation to lead our work programme.

Laurence will take up the role of General Manager, Government Procurement on 27 April.

Angela Xygalas is currently acting in the General Manager role across New Zealand Government Procurement and Property (NZGPP). She has held a number of senior management roles within the branch for more than seven years.

Prior to working in the public sector, Angela held the role of Senior Legal Counsel at Telecom New Zealand (now Spark New Zealand), one of New Zealand’s largest publicly listed companies.

Within NZGPP, Angela has had responsibility for the Government Property Group team as well as the centralised functions of the Wellington Accommodation Project (WAP 2) and supporting agencies within that programme through the changes brought about by the 2016 earthquake. Most recently, Angela has been leading the Government Workplace Strategy - a transformation project to drive property, technology and people change to deliver benefits across the public service and maximise opportunities across the government property portfolio.

Angela will take up the role of General Manager, Government Property on 1 March.