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Help make our data dashboards better

Part of: All-of-Government Procurement news

We want your feedback on the new GETS and All-of-Government (AoG) collaborative contracts dashboards.

The new GETS and AoG collaborative contracts dashboards provide insights into procurement practices and spending patterns. We'd like to hear your ideas on how we can make these dashboards better.

Early feedback indicates that agencies like the benchmarking features of the dashboards. There is value in understanding how agencies compare to each other and being more transparent with spend data.

We'd like to make the next versions of the dashboards easier to use and more comprehensive. As part of the programme, we intend to include data from all participating agencies. This is to improve procurement data transparency and support agencies to make strategic, intelligence-led decisions. We will let you know in advance, if your agency's data is included in the upcoming dashboards.

Share your suggestions or ideas on how you think we could improve the dashboards.

Improving GETS and AoG collaborative contract dashboards – Research.net

Access to the AoG collaborative contracts dashboard is restricted to government agencies only. You will need to use your RealMe login on the top right of the website to access it.

For any other suggestions, email the Procurement for the future team.

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