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Great connections and conversations at the Contract Manager’s toolkit workshops

Over 100 staff from nine government agencies built on their knowledge of social services contract management in workshops held during February to May this year.

Tailored to the needs of government agency staff managing social services contracts, the Contract Manager’s Toolkit workshops held in Auckland and Wellington were all fully subscribed.

The workshops were designed and organised by New Zealand Government Procurement’s Social Services Procurement Capability team.

A practical hands-on approach to contract management

Workshop participants explored the role of the contract manager and got to know the tools through a variety of hands-on, interactive activities. Those who attended the workshops felt more confident to use social services contracting tools and resources like the Outcome Agreement Management Plan.

Participants also said the shared learnings and conversations with other agency participants helped them understand how the tools can be used in different ways.

“The workshop improved my understanding by ten-fold,” said Puhi Mauriohooho from the Department of Corrections.

“I am much better informed and resourced to do my job,” said Ben Naughton, Ministry of Education.

Increasing procurement capability with the ‘train the trainer’ approach

Two participants who attended the ‘train-the-trainer’ session earlier this year were invited to co-facilitate a workshop alongside our professional facilitator from Complete Learning Solutions Ltd.

‘Train-the-trainer’ sessions equip agency staff to facilitate workshops tailored for their agency.

The participants from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education got to practice their facilitation skills and enhanced the workshop for everyone with their valuable input.

“We hope the workshops have inspired participants to champion the use of the tools and share what they have learned with their colleagues,” said Justine Falconer, Manager Social Services, NZGP.

Contact us at procurement@mbie.govt.nz for more information and to register your interest in future workshops.


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