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Fire and Emergency New Zealand completes Te Whānau Manaaki suite of learning

FENZ Te whanau manaaki
Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) Procurement Team celebration

The Procurement Team at Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) recently celebrated the completion of the New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) Te Whānau Manaaki suite of learning courses.

Te Whānau Manaaki was created for staff who procure or manage social services. The modules cover six topics, ranging from cultural competency to contract management and are designed to follow the procurement life cycle.

Martin Tanner, who facilitates two of the modules, Procurement Planning and The Evaluation Process, described why Te Whānau Manaaki offers procurement professionals a unique learning opportunity.

"There are lots of reasons it's important to do this course – from ensuring consistency across government, to being able to share experiences with other agencies. The course focuses on the practical application of best practice and is unique in offering a cultural competency component specifically designed for procurement professionals."

The suite of modules is a mixture of self-driven online courses and in person workshops and participants can read the online material at their own pace.

Over six months, 10 members of Fire and Emergency New Zealand undertook the learning modules as a team, and are the first agency to complete all six modules as a group.

"The pace and the content of the course was excellent. It allowed time to personalise it to the specific needs of the attendees whilst still covering all of the content."

FENZ  Procurement Team

"Team building – and consistency of messaging. We were able to straight away take learnings and agree as a team to make them the new normal."

Te Whānau Manaaki suite of learning

NZGP's suite of learning covers six modules focused on social services procurement:

  • Tikanga me Whānaungatanga - Cultural competency for procurement
  • Hononga me Ratonga - Contract management
  • Whakaritenga - Planning for better outcomes
  • Whakawhitinga - Writing and communication for better outcomes
  • Tiakitanga - Towards better evaluation
  • Ārahitanga - Facilitating the evaluation process.

Each course comprises of:

  • self-paced e-learning
  • a full or half day wānanga (training workshop)

To access the e-learning and sign up to the wānanga, go to the Hīkina website. You will need a:

  • RealMe login
  • Hīkina user profile

If you would like an overview of the learning suite, contact Procurement Capability.

Hikina - Learning for Government Procurement and Property