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Demystifying procurement – workshops in 2021

We are seeking expressions of interest for face-to-face demystifying procurement workshops for 2021. This will help us plan where (eg Auckland, Christchurch) you would like us to hold workshops.

Demystifying procurement is a free, face-to-face workshop suitable for new or occasional procurers at your agency. The interactive, 3-hour workshop will introduce the procurement lifecycle and some of the key activities in it.

By the end of the workshop the participants should be able to:

  • Explain how successful procurement benefits the government, the taxpayer, suppliers, and themselves in their role personally.
  • Recognise what they need to know about the principles of procurement and the government procurement rules to ensure they are doing procurement correctly.
  • Recognise the procurement lifecycle and relate the steps in it to the activities that take place within procurement.

Here’s what some workshop participants had to say:

“Excellent, easy to follow”

“The facilitators did a fantastic job of presenting a topic that can be perceived as ‘boring’.”

“The workshop has backed up the Hīkina online course.”

“I'm working as a procurement advisor and it was great to refresh my knowledge. Thank you to the presenters for the informative afternoon.”

How do I express my interest?

You can do this via the expression of interest form on our learning management platform Hīkina.

Expression of Interest - Demystifying procurement - Hīkina (To access this you will require a RealMe log in)

Other resources

Demystifying procurement is also available as a self-paced module on Hīkina.

We recommend completing this module before attending a face-to-face workshop.

Demystifying procurement course - Hīkina (To access this course you will require a RealMe log in)