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COVID-19 procurement update - suppliers

Here is the latest procurement-related information for suppliers.

All-of-Government (AoG) and Government Property Group (GPG) sourcing activity

Read an update on AoG and GPG tenders and contracts in light of COVID-19.

All-of-Government and Government Property Group sourcing activity

Update on sourcing activity

On 30 March we published an update on NZGP and GPG activity on sourcing projects.

COVID-19 All-of-Government and Government Property Group sourcing activity

We continue to review the status of current sourcing projects that have been paused during the level 4 lockdown.

The needs of government, and the ability of supply markets to respond, are our primary considerations when we decide how to respond to our current market activities.

The decision to reinstate a project will consider the ability of the market to respond, and consider feedback from the relevant sectors, and the availability of government agencies to participate in evaluation and implementation.

We want to support businesses to ensure they are well-placed to emerge from the current emergency situation in a strong position, and we will be making every effort to have government projects up and running as quickly as possible.

Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS)

GETS remains operational. If you need support with GETS email the GETS team. Please be patient as the helpdesk is operating at reduced capacity.

In light of the current disruption to business, suppliers may be anxious to know the status of procurement activities. Agencies will be considering their options for dealing with tenders (including all open procurements on GETS), taking account of the impact of the current circumstances on existing plans and determining what action should be taken. This action could take a range of forms such as extension of time to respond to open tenders, reconsidering timing for approaching the market, and/or undertaking emergency procurements.

Agency information on a specific tender will continue to be communicated through the normal GETS channel for that tender. Any general notices from agencies about their tenders and contracts will be disseminated by way of coordinated release from New Zealand Government Procurement.

General information and updates are available on the homepage.

Essential services

Suppliers wanting to know if they are considered an essential service during Level 4 Alert should visit the government’s COVID-19 website for guidance and a list of essential services.

COVID-19 website

Prompt payments to government suppliers

Central government agencies have been asked to pay domestic invoices within 10 business days. Prompt payment improves cash flow and supports business sustainability during this difficult period.