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Construction consultancy services contract launched

Part of: All-of-Government Procurement news Construction

The All-of-Government contract for construction consultancy services has been launched and registration is now open for providers.

This contract has been developed as a replacement for the syndicated agreement previously provided by Department of Corrections, and the solution will be supplied via the DIA Marketplace as an open panel.

The services provided under this contract fall into the following categories:

  • Architecture and design
  • Internal engineering services (building services / mechanical / hydraulic / electrical engineering)
  • External engineering services (civil / structural / geo-technical engineering)
  • Fire engineering
  • Transport engineering
  • Environmental services
  • Project management
  • Quantity surveying
  • Supplementary services

Agencies will be able to start transacting through the Marketplace once there are sufficient providers who have completed on-boarding.

If you have any questions about this contract please email All-of-Government Professional.