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Construction Accord data disclosures – updates to GETS

New data fields for tenders relating to construction and infrastructure are being added in the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS).

This new data will help Government build a better picture of how it engages with professional services and main contractors; and, create linkages with other initiatives such as the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission’s pipeline.

Pipeline - New Zealand Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga

The new fields appear when a category code relating to construction or infrastructure is selected during creation of a tender in GETS.

The fields are currently optional and ask for:

  • Infrastructure Commission Pipeline project ID (if your agency is a contributor to the pipeline);
  • the project phase that the procurement relates to;
  • the project delivery model (as referenced in the construction procurement guidelines);
  • the industry standard contract that is primarily used for this procurement (as referenced in the construction procurement guidelines);
  • the payment or pricing model used for this procurement (as referenced in the construction procurement guidelines);
  • whether a carbon brief was or will be developed for designers, as well as asking:
    • were the impacts of design options on carbon emissions considered and recorded?
    • was the lowest-carbon option selected?
    • If the lowest-carbon option was not selected, what were the reasons why?

These fields will not be published with the tender. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Hīkina Whakatutuki (MBIE) will use the aggregate data for reporting, insights and strategy, and share construction procurement trends with agencies and others across the sector.

For more information on what options are against each field please refer to the construction procurement guidelines.

Construction procurement guidelines

This update is expected to go live early-August 2021 and has been carried out by New Zealand Government Procurement together with the Construction Sector Accord and the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission.