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Collaboration driving the future vision for property

Government Property Group showing the flexible working environment at MBIE
Government Property Group, showing flexible and collaborative working environment at MBIE

There is now more collaboration taking place across agency property teams, with Government Property Group leading and coordinating more discussions and future planning following the property mandate changes one year ago, and new expectations for government office accommodation.

The Chief Property Advisor, Peter Bollmann, spoke at a recent Property Knowledge Hour hosted at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Wellington office, and said we are taking a more joined up approach to property planning across government.

During 2019 we have established the Government Office Accommodation Programme and begun work to streamline the way we look at and plan for future office space.

We have been working with agencies to gather information in lease expiries and work on sector and functional alignment. And, we have started the procurement processes for the Wellington Regional Accommodation project.

Peter Bollmann  Chief Property Advisor

This year the governance structure for the Government Office Accommodation Programme has been established and planning is underway to look at how we can create more joined up services. This includes the drive to co-located office space, and in the regions means looking at lease expiries and opportunities for joining up the regional arm of government via property.

A major focus is also for government office accommodation, and front of house spaces, to focus on the delivery of services to citizens in metro and regional communities, so that people can easily access the government services they need.

Peter Bollmann said looking ahead to next year, we will be continuing to collaborate with government agencies and this includes through Property Knowledge Hours, sector alignment meetings, and our property portfolio specialist function.

We are expecting to go to market early next year to seek more information to help develop the Manukau Hub project, and work will continue on the Auckland CBD, through the Auckland Office Accommodation project.

It is especially encouraging to hear that government property functions are collaborating more regularly as this will help deliver the expectations for government office accommodation, Peter Bollmann said.

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