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Government Procurement Cabinet paper released

In June 2022 Cabinet considered and approved an important New Zealand Government Procurement paper, which has now been proactively released.

Government Procurement: Report back on progress towards implementing Strategic Priorities and Broader Outcomes – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

The detail in the paper will be of interest to everyone in the procurement sector as it summarises the context for our strategic direction. The Cabinet paper sets out some of the deliverables which we hope to achieve by the close of 2022.

Cabinet paper summary

The paper also summarises the momentum we are developing in delivering broader outcomes – initiatives aimed at delivering better social, economic and environmental outcomes through government procurement. Since the policy was introduced in 2019, we have made progress on the living wage for workers on government cleaning, catering and security contracts; quality employment opportunities where agencies must seek to create employment opportunities for groups typically at-risk of poor labour-market outcomes; progressive procurement, enabling and supporting more Māori businesses to engage in government procurement; electric vehicles in the government light vehicle fleet; to list just a few.

The latest on procurement for the future

Work underway includes:

  • developing the conceptual architecture for our end-to-end e-procurement platform, including the procurement catalogue system (PCS). In July we wrapped up a series of PCS workshops with 40 procurement professionals, from 26 agencies, representing 35% of the total All-of-Government (AoG) panel spend in FY21/22. The purpose of the workshops was to inform our discovery work, digital strategy and thinking, and to capture the voice of the customer.
  • wrapping up the first influencing in action cohort and moving into post-implementation review; and
  • developing a Document Builder, soon to be available to all agencies via our website.