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Building agency capability through two-way cross-agency secondments

We’re designing a two-way cross-agency secondment and/or micro-projects programme to raise the capability of procurement professionals across government agencies. We invite expressions of interest (EOI) from individuals who are keen to help frame up what this will look like in practice.

We’re looking for a mix of procurement professionals from across different roles and sectors – if you’ve been involved in a secondment before, that’s a bonus. If you’re interested, please email your EOI to Parveen Dushila by 6 November 2019.

Why are we doing this?

Secondments and micro-projects benefit individuals, agencies and the public sector by exposing procurers to broader and different experiences, as well as expanding the talent pool. Secondees have the opportunity to enhance or develop skills and knowledge relevant to their work and agencies can improve the capability of their procurement team. The programme will help grow networks across government and is closely aligned with the spirit of proposed changes to the State Sector Act.

What will involvement in a working group include?

The working group will be chaired by Procurement Functional Leadership Group (PFLG) members, to be advised in due course.

We want to hear from junior, intermediate and senior procurement professionals who are keen to develop the framework. We’re also looking for a couple of agency HR professionals who can work through the issues agencies might face in implementing secondments. Individuals need to be prepared to commit 4-6 hours each month between now and March 2020 to attend meetings and draft the framework.

If this sounds like you, please email Parveen Dushila by 6 November 2019. Please cc your manager so we know they’re supportive of your time commitment to this project (if applicable).