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Bruce Kenning honoured with FMANZ Fellowship

Our own Bruce Kenning, Government Property Group’s Manager Property Planning and Advisory, has just been awarded ‘Fellowship’ status by the Facilities Management Association of New Zealand (FMANZ).

This is a great honour as the Fellowship acknowledges highly distinguished and valued service to the association and recognises Bruce’s contribution and dedication to the facilities management profession, professional standing, personal qualities, and ethics.

The advice from Bruce and his team during the COVID-19 alert level changes supported guidance for agencies managing workplace occupancy and operation. This provided reassurance to public servants who came to work and needed to know systems and guidelines were in place to ensure their safety.

This mahi and ability to work with the wider COVID response team is emblematic of Bruce’s overall approach, and, unsurprisingly, this has now been recognised by FMANZ.

Bruce was elected to the Board in 2015, and has led the Board since 2016. During his Board term and as Chair he has led many governance initiatives – from risk management frameworks and registers, through to the development of performance measures, the Trans-Tasman Facilities Management Alliance and FMANZ’s strategic direction. Bruce is also a certified member under the new competency framework.

Facilities managers have an important role to play in many of the seismic shifts taking place in the world – around sustainability, climate change, mental health, diversity and inclusion, leadership, technology, and new ways of working – and make a vital contribution to the world as custodians of the built environment.

Bruce Kenning, CFFMANZ, embodies all of these qualities! Congratulations to Bruce and the other recipients.

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