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Broader outcomes reporting

Earlier this year we ran a series of briefings for agencies on the broader outcomes reporting framework. The presentation is now available via Hīkina – Learning for Procurement and Property.

Hīkina – Learning for Procurement and Property

Broader outcomes is achieving greater economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes through government procurement. This is initially being targeted through a series of designated contracts that we are reporting on.

Broader outcomes

A key principle we used to develop this reporting framework was to automate data collection, where possible. This means we collect most of the reporting information required via systems such as GETS. Plans are in place to link this information to contract management systems in the future.

However, we still require manual reporting for priority outcome three: improving conditions for New Zealand workers – and its designated contracts. For this, mandated agencies are required to provide contract information about cleaning, security and forestry contracts to build a picture of how workers are protected.

Improving conditions for New Zealand workers

Your agency needs to provide this information via excel based reports by 28 August 2020. Nil returns are also required. Please note this date is earlier than previously stated to support timely reporting to Ministers and set a baseline for future actions. This template can be found at:

Reporting on broader outcomes

For those of you who run larger construction projects, we have also changed the contract award notice in GETS to allow for the collection of information for priority outcome two – increasing the size and skill of construction sector workforce. This now includes some simple questions to show what additional outcomes were achieved at the contract award stage.

Construction skills and training

There is more information on the framework, including the reporting template, on the broader outcomes reporting pages:

Reporting on broader outcomes