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Air travel supplier update - August 2018

Part of: All-of-Government Property news Travel

There’s been a lot happening in air travel recently and we’ve gathered some of the highlights for you.

  • Tauranga-based Sunair has recommenced some of its flights, with a full schedule expected by the end of the year. For updates on the services available visit the Sunair website.
  • Singapore Airlines has changed its Wellington to Singapore flight to now operate via Melbourne instead of Canberra. It continues to operate its direct Canberra to Singapore service.
  • Lufthansa is amending its airfare routings and fare structure so you will notice some changes in options and prices. This comes into effect on 4 September 2018.
  • Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia are parting ways on their Tasman joint venture in October 2018. This means they will no longer code share on their services. Air New Zealand fares will now use Qantas services within Australia.
  • Qantas Airways has an agreement with Air New Zealand to use their domestic services within New Zealand on their trans-Tasman fares. There will be no code share agreements on the trans-Tasman flights, just on the domestic services.

And lastly, if you are looking at signing a service supplement or re-signing an agreement for air travel, we encourage you to work with your travel management supplier to check if you have been offered the best deal. Read about how Air Travel Service supplements work on our Air Travel services page.

New Zealand Government Procurement’s travel team is also here to discuss your travel supply queries. You can contact the team at travel.coe@mbie.govt.nz.