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Government Procurement Business Survey

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) runs an annual survey seeking businesses’ views on government procurement across the public sector. The survey focusses on businesses perceptions and experiences of bidding for government contracts as well as their experiences of government contract management. This forms a part of a programme led by NZGP aimed at improving procurement and commercial practice.


Key findings from 2017 Survey

Key findings show continued improvement in the way that businesses rated contract management, and more businesses would recommend government as a customer than in 2016. The survey also shows that there is an area for improvement in how government agencies engage the market both when planning a procurement and when working effectively with their suppliers.

More information is available in the full report (below) along with a companion report that describes the responses from businesses that indicated they supply community and social services to government. 

Actions taken and underway to improve government commercial practice


Actions taken and developments

Supplier relationship management

Businesses generally rated government procurement negatively on its supplier relationship management.

The Significant Service Contracts Framework, recently launched by NZGP, provides agencies with good engagement principles to work more effectively with suppliers that provide services that are critical to their organisation.

Procurement capability across government

Businesses noted that an increased level of procurement capability and commercial acumen across government would improve procurement practice.

The Procurement Capability Index is an agency self-assessment tool that, similar to the SSCF, contains metrics on how agencies work with their suppliers and the markets. Additionally the PCI will include measures that take into account supplier feedback.

Visibility of contract awards

Businesses responded that agencies did not always provide debriefs or communication of contract awards to unsuccessful suppliers.

Since the last survey we now send automatic reminders to agencies to publish their contract award notices on GETS to improve visibility of contract awards.

However in the 2017 survey there were suppliers who commented they still had not been notified who had won the contract or had debriefs provided. While we have guidance for agencies available, we will be developing further actions to encourage and enable agencies to give suppliers effective debriefs.

Business size

Smaller businesses were more likely to be critical of government procurement than their larger counterparts.

We worked with Regional Business Partners to develop a resource with helpful information for businesses looking to tender for government contracts.

Download the full reports


Last updated 2 November 2017