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New Zealand schools AoG contracts

What are All-of-Government contracts?

All-of-Government (AoG) contracts are part of the Government’s Procurement Reform Programme, negotiating supply agreements between the Crown and approved suppliers for selected goods and services.

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By harnessing the collective buying power of over 200 State sector agencies and now 2,500 schools, government has positioned itself as a ‘customer of choice’ and is able to achieve substantial cost savings resulting in direct savings for your school.

The AoG contracting approach has wide benefits to agencies, schools, suppliers and, ultimately, the New Zealand taxpayer.

The contracts are overseen by New Zealand Government Procurement within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and managed by the individual Centres of Expertise (CoE).


Is the Ministry of Education aware of this?

Absolutely, in fact the Ministry of Education (MoE) is itself already signed up to use AoG contracts! MoE understand the importance of looking to gather the very best deal at the very best price which has seen them move their fantastic TELA promotions to the AoG as well. This means that even before your school has decided to sign up to the AoG contracts, your teachers are already seeing the benefit of this initiative.


Which schools have already signed up for AoG contracts?

Schools participation has steadily increased over recent years. Here's what some of the participating schools are saying about the benefits of the contract.


Feedback from school on AoG contracts

"All of Government is a great initiative and we are very happy with the financial benefits we are now receiving with our procurement requirements though AoG.”

(Verna Purvis - Kelston Deaf Education Centre)

“We gained real value from utilising the AOG Procurement Model.

(Mark Bloor, IT Manager, Waiariki Institute of Technology)


 “We have a cost savings analysis now for Travel, IT hardware and BP Oil and have some indicative savings for Electricity. With taking these contracts into account we are looking at approximately saving $50K per year for our School.”

(Raymond Pereira, Business Manager, Lytton High School, Gisborne)

More information

What are All-of-Government contracts? Booklet providing case studies and an overview of key contracts that are of interest to Schools.

All-of-Government IT Hardware contracts for Schools flyer detailing the products and services available to you, and benefits to your School.

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Last updated 13 April 2017