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Unique procurement process launched for Electric Vehicles

15 June 2017

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) is taking a unique procurement approach in an effort to improve pricing and the range of Electric Vehicles available in New Zealand.

The pilot Secondary Procurement Process aims to combine the demand from Public Sector agencies and Private Sector organisations, attempting to improve uptake and associated pricing. If the pilot proves successful, NZGP will look to repeat the joint procurement process in the future.

The pilot procurement is led by NZGP, working with the Sustainable Business Council and Sustainable Business Network.

This forms part of the Government’s Electric Vehicles Programme, announced in May 2016. There are a range of initiatives with the aim of assisting New Zealand’s vehicle fleet move towards a lower carbon future.

Thirty of New Zealand’s leading businesses have already committed to converting thirty percent of their fleet to electric vehicles by the end of 2019.

The two most significant barriers identified in switching to EVs were the limited variety available in New Zealand and the cost of purchase.

NZGP was tasked with addressing the procurement aspects of increasing the uptake of EVs and have already broadened the supply of EVs assessed as suitable for Government fleets through an open procurement process in December 2016.

With over 80 per cent of New Zealand’s electricity generated by renewable resources, EVs offer a way to leverage greater value from this clean source of supply and reduce transport greenhouse emissions, without compromising individual mobility or economic growth


Last updated 15 June 2017