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Spotlight: Vehicles Contracts

11 July 2016

We focus on all the movement and happenings in the vehicles space.

Government electric vehicles programme

In May 2016, the government announced its Electric Vehicle (EV) programme to develop the EV market in New Zealand and the supporting infrastructure for that market.

The programme is intended to support the New Zealand government objective of doubling EV ownership every year in order to reach 64,000 EVs by 2021.

Government purchase of EVs

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) has been looking at how government agencies can access EVs to add to their vehicle fleet.

We have invited panel suppliers on the current AoG Vehicles contract to add their EV offerings to the vehicles catalogue. Agencies will be able to see refreshed catalogue including EVs on inSource in the coming weeks.

The panel suppliers can also submit new EVs for inclusion into the vehicles catalogue as and when they become available to the New Zealand market.

We are also simultaneously working together with other government agencies and the private sector to investigate other options for future purchases of EVs.

Syndicated contracts complementary to AoG Vehicles

If you manage your agency vehicle fleet, you might be interested in two Syndicated contracts for Vehicle Fleet Optimisation and Vehicle Fleet Management System.

Vehicle Fleet Optimisation

A specialist service that provides GPS and non-GPS options for fleet monitoring, auditing and optimisation reporting (including vehicle booking systems).

Vehicle Fleet Management System

This is a booking tool to increase efficiency and cost savings in fleet management.

More information available on webpages

Buyer’s guides and contact details are available on the webpages for these Syndicated contracts.

These contracts are complementary to the AoG Vehicles contract and are voluntary for agencies to join.

Last updated 11 July 2016