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Resources for suppliers on responding to tenders

10 November 2015

If you are looking to support your suppliers with advice on how to approach their next tender opportunity, you will find a wealth of information on our website under Resources for responding to tenders.

Find practical and general advice for suppliers on how they can approach their next tender opportunity and increase their chances of winning it. Developed in partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, these resources are written with suppliers in mind and can support any supplier capability improvement initiatives you might have in your agency.

Here are some of the resources you can find in this section to help your suppliers:

  • Suppliers can take a tendering excellence quiz to self-assess how good they are at the tendering process.
  • Helpful hints on getting the most out of a tender opportunity
  • We provide a methodical approach to tendering with the eight-stage tendering lifecycle, helping suppliers navigate the jargon and the technicality involved in putting in a bid.
  • Videos with buyers on what they look for in tenders – it’s a good introduction for suppliers.
Last updated 11 November 2015