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This content has been archived and may not be current. For the latest information please search this site.

Property Group earthquake accommodation response

10 February 2017

Our colleagues at Government Property Group (GPG) - whose work supports the Property Functional Leader - capped off a busy 2016 by co-ordinating government’s office accommodation response after the Kaikoura earthquake on 14 November 2016.

GPG held information sessions with Property Managers from the 62 agencies they cover and kept communication open. They were able to establish an accurate picture of damage sustained, ensure consistent information across government and present experts such as engineers to the group. GPG also produced a helpful video sharing engineering expertise, explaining the processes they follow and how you can prepare for an earthquake. You can see the video here.

Getting agencies into temporary space was a priority for GPG. This was made easier with the immediate availability of two large buildings recently vacated as part of the Wellington Accommodation Project – Tranche 2 and the collaboration of agencies offering smaller pockets of available space.

Being more agile in the way we work is a significant focus for GPG through the Government National Property Strategy. A shift in this direction across the public sector and better technology allowed people to work as and where they were able after the earthquake. This ensured service to the public continued without interruption, highlighting how important workplace set up is on productivity.

GPG continues to work through office accommodation solutions with agencies that are still unable to return to their buildings.


Last updated 10 February 2017