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Procurement advisory groups

23 March 2017

NZGP works alongside a number of advisory groups who provide advice, insight and knowledge on strategy, approach and prioritisation of the work programme.

The groups are made up of procurement professionals from across the public and private sector, with experience and influence to shape the future of the profession. The groups serve as advisory groups, rather than providing ‘governance’. Sub-groups were established to provide targeted advice and support to specific areas of the NZGP work programme.

Procurement Functional Leadership Advisory Group (PFLAG)
This group provides strategic advice to NZGP on the future direction of Procurement Functional Leadership and government procurement more broadly.

PFLAG is chaired by Margaret Pearson from MPI, with Nik Cheals of ACC as deputy chair, and representatives from such agencies as Education, MSD, NZDF, NZTA and DIA, to name only a few of the 18 members.

Collaborative Procurement Advisory Group (CPAG)
This sub-group of PFLAG works closely with NZGP on the delivery of collaborative and syndicated contracts in the PFL programme.

They support NZGP in facilitating, guiding, growing and promoting collaborative initiatives and contracts across government. They also provide advisory support to new initiatives and acts as a sounding board to new ideas that challenge the status quo.

Nik Cheals of ACC is chair of this group of 15, with members from DoC, DIA, Police, IRD and Auckland City Council, and others.

Capability and Practice AdvisoryGroup (PFLAG C&P)
This sub-group of PFLAG works closely to support the development and implementation of capability work programmes. The group delivers capability and practice initiatives, identifies opportunities to support capability development, agencies and procurement professionals across the system. They also provide advisory support to ensure NZGP’s capability development strategy is meeting agency needs.

Margaret Person of MPI chairs this group, with David Rees of Auckland University as deputy chair, of 18 members.

Business Reference Group (BRG)
Every second month NZGP meets with business people to gain a business perspective on a range of topics relevant to procurement. Discussions will cover feedback on specific policy initiatives through to more general discussions, such as advantages or disadvantages of different contracting models that could be used in NZ.


Last updated 23 March 2017