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NGOs Streamlined Contracting Framework templates refreshed

13 May 2016

Earlier this year, we sought feedback on the refreshed Framework Terms and Conditions and the Outcome Agreement templates, part of the NGOs Streamlined Contracting Framework.

We have reviewed the feedback and made some additional changes. Some comments were made about matters broader than the templates. We will consider this feedback to inform the work we are doing with government agencies and NGO providers on guidance for agencies on procuring of social services.

We would like to thank all of those who made comments. You can find more detail in our report here.

Using the templates

The final refreshed templates are now available on our website under the section Buying and Managing Social Services.

We expect the templates will be used by agencies who are participating in the Streamlined Contracting with NGOs project. They can be implemented gradually as new contracts arise.


Last updated 16 June 2016