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MVD is expiring, transition mobile services to TaaS

26 October 2016

The AoG Mobile Voice and Data (MVD) agreement will expire in six months time (April 2017). The Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) agreement has now replaced MVD as the primary mobility agreement for government agencies, with the two agreements currently co-existing to provide participating agencies adequate time to transition from MVD to TaaS.

With over 250 agencies still using the MVD agreement, we anticipate transition bottlenecks will occur as MVD expiry approaches. As such, we urge agencies assess and transition their mobile agreements now to avoid the risk of residing on an expired, unsupported contract.

Since TaaS was launched, numerous improvements and price reductions for mobility have been introduced. These improvements are automatically available to all subscribing agencies using these services. Further improvements are expected through-out the lifecycle of the TaaS agreement.

We’re available to help agencies with the options available and understand the benefits of transitioning to TaaS, please contact the transition team or via this alternative email address.


Last updated 1 November 2016