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Government Procurement Business Survey results

In April 2016, New Zealand Government Procurement ran an annual survey seeking businesses’ views on government procurement.

The survey focused on how businesses perceive and find the experience of government procurement, in order to enhance how government agencies work with suppliers. The results form part of a programme aimed at improving government procurement and commercial practice.

The key findings for 2016 show that government agencies have made improvements across a number of areas, particularly in contract management. However government agencies still have some way to go to improve supplier relationship management and the overall quality of government procurement.

Some trends have emerged, such as:

  • How businesses perceive and find the experience of working with government can vary depending on sector. Overall, businesses in ‘personnel related’, ‘services’, ‘energy and utilities’, and ‘office solutions’ sectors were the most positive about government procurement and those in ‘professional services consultancy’, ‘marketing and media’, and ‘operational goods and services’ sectors were generally the least positive.
  • Businesses which rated government as more important to them were more positive about all aspects of government procurement than those who rated government as less important.
  • Larger businesses were typically more positive about government procurement than their smaller counterparts, except with regards to the time provided to respond to tenders.

A number of actions have been taken to improve government commercial practice. To learn more, click here.

Last updated 23 September 2016