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Electric Vehicles make sense and cents!

4 May 2017

Going electric is paying off for the NZ Transport Agency.

Two pure electric vehicles were added to their fleet in November and the benefits are already showing.

Over the past five months, the BMW i3s have cost only $200 in electricity while they’ve been out-and-about.

Thanks to the generosity of NZTA’s landlords in Auckland, Wellington and Palmerston North, they haven’t had to pay to charge the cars onsite, so the only cost has been from using the public charging network.

The i3s have done a combined mileage of 9,000 kms, meaning NZTA has made a significant saving over using fossil fuels.

Robert Brodnax, General Manager Planning & Investment, says the addition of the electric vehicles makes sense.

“We’re part of the government’s cross-agency Electric Vehicles Programme, which aims to boost electric vehicle uptake and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so having electric vehicles in our fleet is an obvious choice,” Robert says.

Feedback from NZTA staff has also been positive. Auckland Regional Director Ernst Zollner is impressed with the electric vehicle’s performance.

“I've driven from Auckland to Whangarei more than five times now, and it's sheer joy. It’s quiet, responsive, responsible and sociable, and I've made new friends at the fast charging station in Whangarei,” Ernst says.

Financial Controller Philip Berry is equally impressed.

“The i3 handles really well, has great performance and means I don’t have to stop off at a service station on the way back to Wellington from Palmerston North. With a full-charge range of over 250km—and Palmerston North around 150km away—‘range anxiety’ is never an issue,” says Philip.

Ben McFadgen, Programme Director for the Transport Agency’s Electric Vehicles Programme, agrees that adding electric vehicles to our fleet was a good call.

“Our new electric vehicles are a fantastic step for the Transport Agency toward helping reduce emissions and preserving New Zealand’s unique environment. The feeling that you’re contributing to reducing environmental harm is nice to have in the back of your mind when you’re driving one of the new i3s,” says Ben.

For information on the AoG (All-of-Government) Electric Vehicles contract click here, visit the NZTA website to find out about planning for EVs and the Electric Vehicles website for general information on electric vehicles.

Last updated 4 May 2017