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Contract Award Notices

4 May 2017

Automated emails will soon be sent from GETS reminding agencies to post contract award notices. Although many agencies publish notices after contracts are awarded, we are assisting those who don’t yet complete the process.

Being transparent about which supplier has been awarded a contract is consistent with open government and accountability for the use of taxpayer funding. Contract award notices provide market information for all potential suppliers, including potential subcontractors, and promote competition and value for money.

If a contract award notice has not been published an automated reminder email will be sent, as follows:

  • For RFQs and RFTs, reminder emails will be sent to the designated Procurement Officer one month after the tender closed.
  • For RFPs, a reminder email will be sent to the designated Procurement Officer three months after the tender closed.

Publishing contract award notices reflects good procurement practice, as well as being a requirement in the Government Rules of Sourcing.

If you need any assistance regarding publishing contract award notices on GETS or have any other related questions, please email us at or call us on 0508 438 743.

Last updated 4 May 2017