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This content has been archived and may not be current. For the latest information please search this site.

APPs due 1 March 2017

10 February 2017

The next round of Annual Procurement Plans (APPs) are due on 1 March 2017.

The templates for the APP returns will be emailed shortly and are available from the pre-procurement section of our website.

Templates aligned with other investment planning tools

The APP templates align with four-year plans, and other investment and service planning tools agencies already use, so should simply be an extension of these processes.

Collecting this information for your agency provides a great opportunity to plan ahead and manage your procurement more effectively. This will also support you in engaging with key managers to achieve greater understanding across projects and organisational requirements.

Data collected used to identify opportunities for cross-government collaboration

NZGP uses the APP information to identify potential collaborative opportunities across government agencies, and to see where existing contracts may be a suitable alternative to going to market.

APP data is published on the suppliers section of our website to provide the market with a forward view of the planned procurement activity in the next 12 months. This forms a key element of the market engagement process and helps suppliers with their planning processes.

For more information or support, please email procurement planning.


Last updated 10 February 2017