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2015/16 agency satisfaction survey results

Listening to our customers and stakeholders, and using their feedback to inform our work programme is an important part of the way we work at New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP).

We would like to thank everyone who responded to the agency satisfaction survey this year. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us measure our progress and performance in delivering solutions that meet agency needs, deliver value for suppliers and improve the way we do business.

Improvement in all key metrics in 2015/16 agency satisfaction survey

NZGP has improved across all key metrics in the 2015/16 Agency Satisfaction Survey.

Agency satisfaction with value AoG contracts are delivering (see in bold below) is a key performance for NZGP. We had a 10 per cent improvement for this score this year and also exceeded our performance target of 70%.

Survey area

Overall scores 2014

(sum of satisfied/agree and very satisfied/strongly agree)

Overall scores 2015

(sum of satisfied/agree and very satisfied/strongly agree)

Agency satisfaction with range of products and services included in scope meeting agency needs




*Agency satisfaction with value AoG contracts are delivering



Agency satisfaction with suppliers responding to their issues (e.g. questions, feedback and complaints)



Agency satisfaction with receiving invoicing for products and services in an accurate and timely manner



*Agency satisfaction with quality of service from AoG suppliers



*Agency satisfaction with AoG Centre of Expertise



Information about the contract is easy to access, and the ongoing development and information available relating to the AoG contracts meets my needs




Note: * denotes compulsory MBIE Common Measurement Tool (CMT) questions which are used across all MBIE customer satisfaction surveys.

This year, we sent the agency satisfaction survey to 1,852 individual agency contacts across 359 participating agencies. We received 378 individual responses from 229 agencies across 19 AoG contracts. This gave us a response rate of 20.4% which was an increase from last year and due to the changes to the structure and delivery of the survey.

AoG model is working well; service delivery improvements to make it better

Overall, agencies are positive about the value AoG contracts are delivering for their agencies. The overall sentiment is that the AoG model saves agencies time and money and represents good value.

Agencies have given good feedback on how each contract could be improved, providing contract specific suggestions for improvement. These include suggestions on:

  • making pricing more competitive in some contracts,
  • improving the range of products and services that were in scope and increasing product variation in some contracts, and
  • improving customer service response from both the Centres of Expertise and supplier.

In addition, agencies have suggested a number of areas where NZGP can improve our service:

  • Simplify communications
  • Engage more
  • Implement an account management approach
  • Transparency and reporting

Initiatives to increase customer focus and improve communications underway

We have planned a number of branch-wide initiatives to increase customer focus and help us to communicate better. The following projects will be kicking off this financial year:

  • Customer persona and business process mapping to help streamline communication channels and engagement
  • NZGP website refresh project

We are also planning continuous improvement initiatives at the contract level using the contract specific feedback received. Centres of Expertise managing the contracts will be coming up with action plans to implement these initiatives.

Specific feedback relating to supplier performance will be shared with suppliers and we will work with them to address areas for improvement.

These initiatives will be implemented over the course of the year and agencies will be kept informed of these changes as they happen.

Keep talking to us about what’s working and what’s not

We welcome your feedback on AoG contracts at any time.

Contact us at or get in touch with any of the Centres of Expertise (contact addresses are listed on the AoG contract pages) if you have feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our service to you.

Last updated 23 September 2016