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Key guidance for understanding government procurement processes

Need some support and guidance on supplying and working with NZ Government? Browse through our guides and templates and understand the specific demands and processes that apply when the NZ Government buys goods and services.

This section aims to help suppliers better engage with government and support good procurement practice.

Essential guides


Mastering procurement

Taking a structured approach to strategic procurement, this is a comprehensive guide that introduces readers to the eight stages of the procurement lifecycle.

The guide goes to great detail on the methodology, robust research, analysis and planning that makes up a procurement strategy which will influence and shape the market to meet the procurement needs of an organisation.

Developed with government agencies in mind, this guide is useful to anyone who is interested in strategic procurement.

For more information and to download the guide, visit the page on strategic procurement on our website.

Constructive market engagement 

Government agencies need to have a sound understanding of the size, composition and nature of the supply markets that they depend on in order to help them achieve better results for New Zealand.

This guide looks at the different types of market engagement opportunities that agencies use to understand market structure, trends and the key players within at all stages of the tender process. It also seeks to dispel myth that government can’t be seen to be talking to suppliers, outlining how to be fair, open and transparent in all their engagement.

While this guide is written to support agencies with their procurement planning, it provides useful insight to suppliers on the various ways of working with government.

Download the guide to constructive market engagement [483 KB PDF]

Government model contracts

The 2nd edition government model contracts (GMCs) are contracts written in simple, plain English that are easy for both agencies and suppliers to understand and use. They support improved procurement practice and aligning with international best practice. Launched in October 2011, they replace the 1st Edition GMCs launched in July 2010.

GMCs seek to

  • standardise the treatment of legal risk in low-value, low-risk contracts
  • reduce the need for negotiations and legal advice in routine purchases.
  • promote consistent practice across government and simplify working with government.

For more information and to download guidance and templates, visit our section on GMCs.

Invoicing and payment

A tax invoice that is correctly laid out, correctly calculated, correctly addressed and attached with the right supporting documents is an excellent candidate for prompt payment. This section provides suppliers with support on how to prepare and issue invoices to government agencies. It explains the essential information that an invoice must contain and clarifies the standard terms of payment contained in the Government Model Contracts (GMCs).

Download guidance on invoicing and payment

Unsolicited Proposals

From time to time, suppliers may approach government with a proposal to meet a perceived need, without being asked to do so. This is called an unsolicited proposal.

This guide supports government agencies to manage unsolicited proposals in a way that:

  • is transparent and fair to everyone, and
  • encourages businesses to put forward good ideas.

It provides a structured approach for considering unsolicited proposals that agencies can use and adjust appropriately to fit the particular circumstances. It does not replace open competition or establish a new mechanism for suppliers to provide goods and services to government.

Download the guide to unsolicited proposals [307 KB PDF]

Last updated 28 August 2015

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