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The Eight Stages of Tendering


Tendering is its own world of jargon and technicality, but one with substantial rewards. All it takes is commitment, a bit of time to understand what is required, and the willingness to give it a go.

For each tender or RFx, we recommend following the eight stages in the diagram below.

Click through the different segments of this diagram for in-depth explanation and relevant information about each stage of the process.


[image] Suppliers responding to tenders 

[internal link] Stage 1 – Identify the contract opportunity. [internal link] Stage 2 – Assemble the team. [internal link] Stage 3 – Analyse the competition. [internal link] Stage 4 – Set up the response. [internal link] Stage 5 – Write the document. [internal link] Stage 6 – Presentation. [internal link] Stage 7 – Negotiation. [internal link] Stage 8 - Contract management.


Stage 1 - Identify the contract opportunity

Tips on things to have ready before you plan to respond to an RFx and how to make the crucial "go/no-go" decision.

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Stage 2 – Assemble your team

Put together your RFx response and contract delivery teams early in the process.

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Stage 3 - Analyse the competition

Analyse your competition with a specific tender opportunity in mind. We provide you with a useful template to download.

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Stage 4 - Set up the response

The basics of setting up your RFx response process.

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Stage 5 - Write the document

Tips to writing the best RFx response document.

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Stage 6 – Presentation

Preparing and delivering your presentation.

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Stage 7 – Negotiation

How the buyer handles tender negotiations, once a preferred supplier is selected, may be included in the RFx documents.

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Stage 8 - Contract management

Priority actions and topics of interest in contract management for businesses that have won tenders.

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Last updated 25 June 2014

[image] Govt. rules of sourcing portlet 

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