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Tendering excellence quiz

How good are you at the tendering process? Take our tendering excellence quiz here to assess yourself on preparing and submitting your tender.

Tendering Excellence Quiz

Rate your tender excellence with this simple quiz

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Do you have a relationship with/or understanding of the buyer beyond the RFx document?


Do you try to find out about upcoming RFx's before they are advertised?


When you receive an RFx, are you rigorous about deciding whether to put in a response or not (go/no-go process)?


Do you consider the competitors that might be responding to the RFx and whether you have a chance of winning against them?


Once you decide to respond, do you plan out the work to ensure your get your proposal in on time on and in full?


Do you ensure you have commitment throughout the company to winning the business?


Do you double check that you have answered every question completely and answered all the mandatory requirements?


Do you follow the RFx layout?


Do you demonstrate your unique selling proposition(s)?


Is your response compelling?

Less than 25%

You are doing a few things right some of the time and there are a lot of opportunities to improve. Use this resource centre as a guide to help you improve your score.

26 - 50%

You are doing some things right. This resource centre will help you to improve your score significantly.

51 - 75%

Congratulations! You follow a good tendering process, but there are still opportunities for you to improve. Use this resource centre to help you improve even more.

79 - 100%

Congratulations! You follow a best practice tendering process. There might be a few tips you can pick up in this resource centre.

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