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Information for Suppliers

Meet the Buyer offers a unique opportunity for small businesses to get in front of some of the largest businesses in New Zealand.

This is a great opportunity to meet with large contractors (Buyers) and find out about their upcoming procurement activity, and to present your product/service offerings.

The event is run similar to a speed dating session. Participating businesses have 15 minutes to present their goods or services solutions. Buyers will then talk about their current priority needs. The meeting is purposefully kept short to be a conversation starter.

If you are making meeting bookings for someone else in your organisation, make sure they are well briefed on the event.

Just like a job interview you want to give your best sales pitch. When you go for an interview you research the company, find out what they do, what their needs are, and what skills you have to help them.


Do some research about the buyers you are meeting with, and work out how you can best meet their needs. Think about how your business can:

  • Provide tailored product and/or service solutions to meet a Buyer’s business needs.
  • Offer innovative and flexible solutions to:
    • Increase capability and capacity;
    • Reduce project bottlenecks;
    • Clear project backlogs; and
    • Provide solutions for time, resources, knowledge and technology.

Supporting information

What information do you have to support what you are saying? Think about:

  • What experience you have;
  • Who you have completed work for; and
  • Whether you can offer references or testimonials from satisfied clients.

Point of Difference

Buyers do not buy on price alone. Buyers look for supplier competency, capacity, quality, consistency and systems amongst other things.

What does your business do that makes it stand out?


How do you plan to demonstrate and sell your business during the meetings?

  • Business brochures
  • A portfolio or samples of your work

Plan out how you will spend the 15 minutes. Allow time for the Buyer to talk. Think about your key points and what questions you need to ask.

And remember to bring your business cards!

Last updated 13 February 2015

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