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How does Meet the Buyer work?

New to Meet the Buyer or interested to find out how the programme is run? Familiarise yourself with the format and other frequently asked questions.

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1. How are meetings pre-arranged before a Meet the Buyer event?

Meet the Buyer is advertised through various channels.
You will get to know the details of participating buyers and their interests, overviews of key projects or essential service needs. If you think it is a good fit for your business, send in your expression of interest via a web form (a link will be provided). This step might differ from event to event.

Sellers send in their expressions of interest to meet with particular Buyers via a simple web form.
The web form will prompt you to provide your business’ information, including products and services on offer. Craft this information like an elevator pitch so the participating buyers are motivated to meet with you.

Buyers shortlist businesses they want to meet with based on their expressions of interest.
With a limited number of meetings that are available, buyers will shortlist businesses based on their expressions of interest. The shortlisting will be done after the period for expressions of interest closes so that the meetings arranged are beneficial to both parties.

Shortlisted sellers book appointments.
Sellers book and confirm their meetings using the calendar in the online event management tool.


2. What happens on the day of Meet the Buyer?

Meet the Buyer is run similar to a speed dating session. Participating buyers and businesses will have 15 minutes to present their needs and possible goods or services solutions to address them. The meeting is purposefully kept short to be a springboard for further discussion.

The time for each meeting will be strictly adhered to with an air horn going off at the end of 15 minutes, signalling the end of the meeting. There will be a five minute break between each meeting.

Last updated 13 February 2015

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