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GETS frequently asked questions


Agencies/purchasers using GETS

Who is an agency/purchaser?

An agency/purchaser is any organisation eligible to advertise procurement opportunities on GETS. This includes all organisations listed on the State Services Commissions website.

I need access to GETS to publish and manage the tender process? What should I do?

Please contact the GETS helpdesk. Further information is available on under the section on 'Register as a Purchaser'.

What should I do if I don't need to publish and manage the tender process on GETS but would like to view more detailed tender information?

You will have to register as a supplier at rather than a purchaser. This will allow you to search and view all tenders from all organisations including closed and awarded tenders. Once registered, if you wish to receive automatic emails of any notices relating to particular areas of interest you will need to add category codes and regions to your GETS profile.

If you only wish to access GETS on a casual basis and not receive automatic GETS notifications, do not select any categories or regions. 


Supplier registration and using RealMe

Who is a supplier?

A supplier is any organisation or individual interested in receiving notifications of opportunities on GETS responding to tenders or supplying products or services to a public sector organisation. This also includes consultants and contractors. You can register as a supplier to gain public access to information about government procurement opportunities e.g. media, professional and trade associations.

How do I create a supplier account?

Create your new GETS account

  • Log on to and click on the option ‘Create New Account’ on the left hand side menu.
  • Click on the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page once you have reviewed the information listed under ‘Register as a Supplier’.
  • Fill in your business name and address to create a supplier account.
  • When you enter your business name, GETS will search through existing registrations to see if your business is already registered. You can link to this existing supplier account.
  • Create or enter your existing RealMe login.
  • Enter your individual user account details.
  • An activation email will be sent to your registered email address. Click on the link in the email to activate your new GETS account. 

Update your new GETS account to receive automatic tender notifications

  • Log in to new GETS
  • Click 'Update Account' and register your categories and/or regions to ensure you receive notifications when GETS goes fully live

I already have a RealMe login.

If you already have a RealMe login that you use elsewhere, you can enter this existing RealMe username and password.

Do I need to use RealMe?

Yes. The new GETS website uses the RealMe login service for suppliers. All suppliers will need a RealMe login to use new GETS.

Am I required to use a ‘verified’ RealMe account with new GETS?

No. You are not required to use a verified RealMe account with new GETS.



Supplier password administration

Can I use my existing GETS login and password with new GETS

No. You must create a new account in new GETS including use of the RealMe login service.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go to the new GETS website and click on Supplier Login. Click on the ‘I forgot my password’ link on the RealMe Login page and follow the steps.

I know my username and password. How do I change them?

You will need to log in and click on the ‘Update Account’ tab on the menu bar on the left hand side of the page. At the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Manage my RealMe’ link.


Supplier account administration

Who is the Account Manager for my supplier organisation?

The Account Manager is usually the person who first created the supplier account within new GETS, although this can be re-assigned to another person within that organisation.

Can I change the Account Manager for my supplier organisation?

You can only change the Account Manager if you created the account, or are the current account manager for that organisation.

You will need to log in and then go to the option ‘Update account’. The option to change your account manager is located under the sub-heading ‘Business Address’. Pick from one of the options in the drop down list and click ‘Save Business Details’.

One of the new GETS contacts has left my organisation. How do I remove their account?

Contact the GETS Helpdesk to deactivate the person’s account. Their name will no longer appear in the account manager drop down list.


Adding categories and regions to receive GETS automatic tender notifications

How can I be notified of tenders?

  • Log in to new GETS using the Supplier Login option from the left hand menu. Once successfully logged in, click on Update account.
  • Scroll down to the 'Manage Tender Notification Subscriptions' section. Click on the button to select categories and/or regions.

The new GETS website is using a new code system to match tenders against your business interest areas. Here is a link to a guide that will help you match the old GETS codes with the new ones.

Can I be notified of tenders by regions?

Yes. Select your regions of interest and you will be notified of the tenders that match your UNSPSC codes and selected regions.

What codes should I be adding?

If you are not certain which codes to subscribe to, you might want to consider selecting all codes and refining them once you are more familiar with the new GETS. Based on the number of tenders historically posted on GETS, we would estimate approximately 12 notifications on average per day. These notifications will be contained in one email for your easy reference.

How do I manage my GETS automatic tender notifications?

To make changes, login to GETS, go to the option ‘Update account’ and at the bottom of the page you will see the ‘Manage Tender Notification Subscriptions’ link. Once the page opens tick/un-tick boxes that you require; this will adjust future notification emails that you receive.

How do I want to stop receiving GETS automatic tender notifications. How do I do this?

You will need to un-tick all the codes and regions that you have selected in the ‘Manage Tender Notification Subscriptions’ link.

If you have subscribed to any tenders remember to unsubscribe from each of the tenders as well.

Why has GETS started using UNSPSC coding system? Why is there a change from the ANZSCC coding system now?

The ANZSCC coding system used in the legacy GETS system is no longer in widespread use and is primarily used in the New Zealand and Australian markets.The legeacy system also contained some short comings in terms of confidence in the ability of agencies and suppliers to successfully match codes. The United Nations Standard Product Classification (UNSPC) codes are an internationally recognised coding system used by our trading partners and the procurement sector globally. We are confident that as users become familiar, the new coding system will prove to have greater usability. 

The transition to UNSPC provides a number of benefits including:

  • Subscribers for new GETS are required to review the updated coding system and register to receive notifications for opportunities/categories they are interested in. This will ensure their preferences are current and relevant for their business. We would rather that people received more notifications, than possibly miss out on opportunities.
  • Subscribers for new GETS will only receive one daily email containing all their tender listings. Unlike the present system, where people receive follow-up notifications if they view a tender, in the new system they will need to subscribe to notifications to receive them, making it a considered choice.
  • The new system should make sure that subscribers receive the notifications they need, in a user friendly way that allows targeted follow up responses.



Suppliers subscribing and responding to an RFx (i.e a tender)

How do I subscribe to an RFx?

If you want to view detailed information on a tender you will need to ‘subscribe’ to it. This is where GETS acknowledges that you have ‘shown an interest’ in a specific RFx. If any changes (e.g. addenda) are made to this tender you will be advised via email.

Can an RFx Question & Answer be Confidential?

A question may be raised on a tender at any time before the Question Close date. You may want the question and answer to be confidential although this is depends on the tendering agency.

My response to an RFx exceeds the size limit – What Options do I have?

If the purchasing organisation has elected to allow responses to be submitted through the GETS eTender box then your file uploads per tender cannot exceed the size stated (usually between 10-50MB), but there is no limit to the number of responses uploaded per RFx. In the case where a file may exceed the size limit contact the tendering agency to request an increase in the Megabyte RFx limit. Note new GETS’ limit is 50MB per supplier tender response set, this cannot be altered.

Can I respond to an RFx after the Close Date?

If the purchasing organisation has elected to allow responses to be submitted through the GETS eTender box then you may respond to a tender after the CLose Date if you subscribed to the tender prior to the close date and the agency has an extended (referred to as a late) date. Although the agency may or may not, accept a tender after the Close Date.

When using GETS eTender box do I have to commit a response?

If the purchasing organisation has elected to allow responses to be submitted through the GETS eTender box then once you finish uploading your tender response file(s) you must commit them (by the Close Date). Until this occurs your response will not be available to the tendering agency.

Why can’t I respond to a late tender?

The late date is a period after the close date during which new GETS will continue to accept responses only if the purchasing organisation has elected to allow responses to be submitted through the GETS eTender box but mark them as late. You must have subscribed to the tender notice before the Close Date in order to submit your responses. In some instances the tendering agency may not permit late responses.


General GETS queries

Why weren’t GETS users automatically migrated over to the new and updated GETS website? Why was there a need to re-register?

We decided to request subscribers to re-register on the new GETS as opposed to automatically migrating subscribers’ existing log-ins for a number of reasons, including:

  • The transfer to the new GETS system provides a good opportunity to start with a clean data base of individuals and organisations actively interested in current GETS tenders. The existing GETS dates from 1996 and contains data stretching back to 1999. This data includes large numbers of people who once registered to look at one tender and have never been back, multiple registrations, out-of-date logins, among other challenges.
  • There is currently no mapping service available for existing RealMe logins, so we are asking people to register again. The result should be an accurate up-to-date data base where users have recently chosen the tender categories and regions that interest them.

What are the key features of the upgraded GETS website?

Key features of GETS

  • Conveniently manage your tender process electronically with the option to submit tender notices, responses and other tender related communications through secure electronic tender boxes;
  • Proactively look for potential tender opportunities by subscribing to a watch list of tender notices you are interested in.
  • Be informed of tender opportunities that are relevant to your business when you organise your GETS automatic updates using a wider range of categories regions;
  • Search for tender opportunities quickly through the advanced search function;
  • Browse all current, closed and awarded tenders easily.
  • Record your company’s New Zealand Business Number.


Last updated 22 June 2015

Contact GETS

If you need help, call the new GETS helpdesk during NZ business hours. Mon - Thurs: 8:30am - 5pm, Fri 9am - 5pm (excluding public holidays).


Phone: 0508 GETS HELP (0508 438 743)

Intl: +64 4 9013188