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Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

An APP is a rolling list of procurements that are planned to be initiated within the next 12 months. Agencies covered by the Government rules of sourcing are required to submit their APPs to MBIE for publication (Rule 17) on our website. MBIE collates all APPs into a master spreadsheet which is available to both agencies and suppliers and published on this website. APPs are useful in facilitating cross-government procurement planning.

The APP is designed to capture the following types of procurements:

  • new contracts for goods, services and refurbishment works valued at NZ$100,000 or more
  • new contracts for construction works valued at NZ$10 million or more
  • existing contracts due for renewal
  • new collaborative contracts such as All-of-Government (AoG), common capability and syndicated procurements.

The APP is a planning document and not a commitment for the agency to purchase the goods or services listed. All forecast procurements listed in an agency’s APP are subject to change or cancellation.

Agencies do not need to include secondary procurement in their APP. Secondary procurement is where an agency intends to purchase goods and services under an existing panel arrangement such as AoG, syndicated or common capability contracts, or the agency’s own panel arrangements.

APPs must be updated by agencies twice a year by 1 March and 1 October.

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Last updated 4 September 2017