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Awarding and managing the contract

Evaluation panel recommendation

The evaluation panel recommendation records the panel’s deliberations and is signed by all members of the panel. It:

  • lists the bids received
  • explains how bids were evaluated
  • records scores and the panel’s critique of each bid (relative strengths and weaknesses)
  • records due diligence findings
  • ranks bids in order of preference
  • identifies the recommended supplier.

Evaluation panel recommendation [233 KB DOC]

Negotiation plan

The negotiation plan describes the strategy that will be used to negotiate the contract with the recommended supplier. It:

  • details the desired outcomes for the negotiation
  • considers price versus budget
  • lists key deliverables, performance indicators, milestones and timeline for delivery
  • identifies payment options
  • records the proposed contract terms and conditions and acceptable variances, if any
  • may address transitional measures from current supply arrangements, if relevant
  • may include an exit strategy to be applied at the end of the contract term.

Negotiation plan [281 KB DOC]

Contract and relationship management plan

The contract and relationship management plan identifies the desired relationship with the supplier (e.g. short-term tactical or long-term strategic) and describes how the desired relationship will be established and managed to ensure successful delivery under the contract. It:

  • sets out who will be responsible for managing the delivery under the contract
  • describes the nature and extend of engagement with the supplier
  • describes how issues and disputes will be resolved
  • identifies risks, how they will be mitigated and managed and by whom
  • includes a methodology and plan for evaluating the quality of delivery and the benefits achieved
  • lists key stakeholders (internal and external) and outlines how these relationships will be managed and by whom
  • may include an exit strategy to be applied at the end of the contract.

Contract and relationship management plan [279 KB DOC]

Last updated 23 April 2015