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Approach to market

Procurement plan

The procurement plan provides the background for the procurement initiative and explains how the approach to market will be carried out. It:

  • documents the problem the procurement will resolve,
  • clearly defines the goods/services being sought,
  • documents what is known about the market, suppliers and demand for the goods/services being sought,
  • outlines the strategy for stakeholder engagement,
  • assigns roles and responsibilities in the cross-functional evaluation team,
  • details how the agency will approach the market, evaluate bids and decide on the recommended supplier,
  • outlines the evaluation process,
  • details due diligence requirements,
  • sets a realistic timeframe that ensures that suppliers have sufficient time to develop and submit meaningful responses,
  • outlines known risks and relevant mitigation strategies,
  • outlines termination and transition requirements,
  • outlines contract and supplier management aspects.

Depending on the size and complexity of your procurement, there are three procurement plan templates you can use. Download the template which is most relevant to your procurement:

An alternative to using both a business case and a procurement plan is the combined business case / procurement plan [366 KB DOC]. This is a consolidated single-stage template.

Each of these templates is described in more detail in the Guide to informed decision making [429 KB PDF].


Advertising on GETS

The Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) is a free service designed to promote open, fair competition for New Zealand Government contract opportunities. It is designed to meet international trade agreement commitments to provide information about New Zealand Government business opportunities.

Agencies that are subject to the Government rules of sourcing (Rule 14) must advertise procurement opportunities on GETS. If you are a NZ government agency seeking to advertise an opportunity on GETS, please contact GETS at

Last updated 4 April 2016