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Significant Service Contracts Framework


Significant Service Contracts Framework [477KB PDF]
Reporting tool [82KB XLSX]
Reporting guidelines [363KB PDF]

Significant service contracts are those few, but important, contracts critical to an agency’s business objectives.

These contracts include:

  • services that are critically important to the business; AND
  • pose a significant risk and/or significant impact in the event of supplier failure.

The Significant Service Contracts Framework provides confidence to government and the public that important services are being effectively delivered to New Zealand. It guides effective management practices within an agency, ensuring accountability and oversight and supports capability development and good practice sharing within an agency and across government.

How the Framework guides effective management practices

The Framework provides:

  • Visibility – identifying an agency’s significant service contracts.
  • Expectations – assessing the performance of significant service contracts.
  • Accountability – understanding performance and risk across the significant service contracts in the agency and across government.
  • Evidence – assessing agency performance against the standards.
  • Capability – sharing information and good practice in the agency and across government.

The framework is designed for Chief Executives and Senior Leadership Teams. It provides support and guidance for the effective management of these contracts. Additional tools and support are provided to Senior Responsible Owners and Contract Managers to help implement the framework.

Senior Responsible Owner
The person accountable for the management of the contract and the achievement of the standards detailed in the framework.

Contract Manager

A person or a team responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the tasks and activities associated with the framework.

Operationalising the Framework


  • A classification tool helps agencies identify their significant service contracts. This tool should be adapted to take account of the agency context.

Classification tools [coming soon]


Agencies are expected to regularly report on their significant service contracts.

  • Tier one investment intensive agencies will report by 16 December 2016.
  • All agencies will report on a six monthly basis in March and September.
  • The first reports are due on 31 March 2017. The completed report is to be emailed to
  • If you need to discuss the framework or the reporting, please contact us.


Reporting guidelines
Reporting tool

Agencies may wish to use additional guidance and tools available to operationalise the framework in their agencies:

Supply Management Guidance [coming soon]
Guidance, tools and templates to help implement the standards and manage individual contracts. 

Last updated 16 March 2017