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Procurement guidance

Good procurement practice

Agencies are encouraged to adopt good practice measures in their procurement activities. The following guides support good procurement practice and are recommended reading for anyone involved in State sector procurement.

OAG: Procurement Guidance for Public Entities

OAG: Public sector purchases, grants & gifts: Managing funding arrangements

SSC: Understanding the Drivers: Value for tax dollar spend Factsheet

Commerce Commission: Guidelines to recognise and deter bid rigging



Sustainable procurement

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable procurement means that when buying goods or services agencies need to consider the social, environmental and economic impacts. Agencies are encouraged to consider how the information in the following guides can assist in their procurement activities.

MPI: NZ Timber & Wood Products Procurement Policy [185 KB PDF]

APCC: Australia and New Zealand Government Framework for Sustainable Procurement [266 KB PDF]

APCC: Guide - Assessing a supplier's sustainability credentials [187 KB PDF]


7 Guides to Sustainable Procurement



Category specific procurement

Certain types of procurement, for example public transport infrastructure and property services, have separate or additional requirements. These are listed in the following guides.

NZTA: Land Transport Management – Procurement Manual

SSC: Guidance for Managing & Monitoring Major IT Projects

SSC: Cabinet Guidelines for Intellectual Property from Public Service Research Contracts [148 KB PDF]

The Treasury: Guidance for Public Private Partnerships in New Zealand

DPMC: Capital Asset Management – Expectations

OAG: Achieving Public Sector Outcomes with Private Sector Partners

NZCIC: Principles of Best Practice: Construction Procurement in New Zealand

Guidelines for Intellectual Property in ICT Contracts


Contracting with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

In recent years, more public attention has been focused on the effectiveness of government agencies’ funding arrangements with non-government organisations (NGOs). The following guidance is recommended reading for anyone involved in this type of activity.

The Treasury: Guidance for Contracting with NGOs

OAG: Principles to underpin management by Public entities of funding to NGOs

OAG: Managing Funding to NGOs

Office of Community & Voluntary Sector: Code of Funding Practice


Last updated 21 April 2017