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Geospatial procurement

Following a Cabinet decision in December 2010 there is a requirement that government agencies must comply with when procuring geospatial information or services.

What must I do?

If your agency is intending to tender for or purchase geospatial information or services contact the New Zealand Geospatial Office (NZGO) before you approach the market. The NZGO is part of Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and is the coordinating body for implementing the New Zealand Geospatial Strategy.

What is geospatial information?

You can find out more about geospatial information by watching this short video outlining what geospatial information is, what spatial data infrastructure is, and the benefits of better connecting New Zealand's geospatial information.

Why is this important?

Cabinet has directed all State sector agencies who intend to tender for, or purchase new location-based information or services to consult with the New Zealand Geospatial Office (NZGO). This is to ensure consistency with evolving spatial data infrastructure requirements in New Zealand. It may also be possible to involve other agencies in the purchase through collaborative contracting.

What is the GETS code?

Geospatial information may often fall under the following GETS Tender Watch Codes [106KB XLS]. However, other codes may be pertinent particularly when geospatial information is a by-product or subsidiary to the main project.

  • 81000000 Mapping, surveying and other land information services.
  • 81000000 Project management related to IT service and delivery.
  • 81000000 Records and information management.

More information

  • New Zealand Geospatial Strategy: find out more about New Zealand’s geospatial data.
  • SDI cookbook: read the geospatial cookbook. Chapter 6 provides a list of SDI conforming applications and list of providers (Conformant Applications).
  • Spatial data infrastructure: Spatial Data Infrastructure information at Land Information New Zealand.
  • Land Information New Zealand: For the Cabinet paper, Cabinet minute and Cabinet paper overview on capturing economic benefits from location-based information.
Last updated 22 September 2015