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Key information for agencies

Key guidance for agencies has been sorted under the following headings.

Principles, rules and the law

Procurement principles, Mandatory Rules for Procurement, Government procurement requirements, Statutes related to contracting.

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Procurement guidance

Emergency procurement, Getting started, Procurement planning, Good procurement practice, Sustainable procurement, Category specific procurement.

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Related guidance, standards and ethics

Standards and ethics, use of public funds, related guidance.

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Emergency procurement

In a genuine emergency, agencies may be permitted to forego routine procurement procedures for goods or services that are urgently required to provide emergency assistance or relief.

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Geospatial procurement

This page provides guidance on the requirement for agencies to consult with the New Zealand Geospatial Office when procuring location-based information or services.

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Significant Service Contracts Framework

Significant service contracts are those few, but important, contracts that are critical to an agency’s business objectives.

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Last updated 22 July 2016