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Stage 7 – Manage contract & relationships

Contract management is the process that enables the agency and supplier to meet their obligations in order to deliver the objectives of the contract. This means tracking and monitoring delivery and costs, managing risks, and actively managing the relationships between the agency, the supplier and key stakeholders.

This process continues throughout the life of a contract and involves being proactive to anticipate future needs as well as reacting to situations that arise.

Below are some specific guides, tools, templates and training relevant to this stage in the procurement lifecycle. These resources are not intended to be an exhaustive list. We recommend you read the Guide to Mastering Procurement [1 MB PDF], which covers this stage in detail, within the context of the end-to-end lifecycle.

[icon] Document. Policy and guidance  [icon] Change settings. Tools and templates


[icon] Document. Policy & guidance


SSC: Paying suppliers within agreed timeframes [17 KB PDF]

SSC: Guidance for monitoring major projects and programmes




[icon] Change settings. Tools & templates



Last updated 26 June 2014