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Stage 4 – Plan approach to market & evaluation

This stage involves deciding an appropriate approach to market and developing an evaluation methodology, process plan and realistic timetable. It brings together your analysis and thinking to date. It results in a procurement plan.

It is critical that the evaluation methodology will ensure that the best supplier is selected for the right reasons and at a price that represents value-for-money over whole-of-life.

Below are some specific guides, tools, templates and training relevant to this stage in the procurement lifecycle. These resources are not intended to be an exhaustive list. We recommend you read the Guide to Mastering Procurement [1 MB PDF], which covers this stage in detail, within the context of the end-to-end lifecycle.

[icon] Document. Policy and guidance  [icon] Change settings. Tools and templates


[icon] Document. Policy & guidance




Mastering Procurement [1 MB PDF]

Commerce Commission: How to deter bid rigging

OAG: Procurement Guidance for Public Entities

Commerce Commission: Guideline to recognise bid rigging

OAG: Principles to underpin management by Public entities of funding to NGOs


Sustainable procurement


Syndicated procurement


[icon] Change settings. Tools & templates


SSC: Performance Measurement (advice & examples on how to develop effective frameworks)





No templates are currently in place. 


Last updated 20 April 2015