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Toolkit – our procurement guides and tools

Welcome to the procurement toolkit. This toolkit has been developed for government agencies to help support good procurement practice. It provides a range of information on procurement policy, rules and guides through to tools and templates. The Procurement Lifecycle (diagram below) is an interactive wheel, taking users to the relevant information that they will need at each stage in the process.

Procurement lifecycle

Click on any of the eight stages in the Procurement Lifecycle below to access relevant procurement policy, guides, tools, templates and training courses.

[image] Procurement toolkit. [internal link] Stage 1 – Initiate project. [internal link] Stage 2 – Identify needs & analyse the market. [internal link] Stage 3 – Specify requirements. [internal link] Stage 4 – Plan approach to market & evaluation. [internal link] Stage 5 – Approach market & select supplier. [internal link] Stage 6 – Negotiate & award contract. [internal link] Stage 7 – Manage contract & relationships. [internal link] Stage 8 - Review.



You can also access a full list of all policy, guides, tools and templates sorted alphabetically. 

Here are some shortcuts to key information:

Continuous improvement

We are continuing to develop good practice guides, tools and templates. We welcome your feedback on documents that have been published as well as suggestions for additional guidance, tools or templates that support good practice. Please send us your feedback and suggestions.

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Last updated 19 May 2016